It's a hobby I was very much involved in some 20 years ago, and have been starting and stopping ever since. In 2000 I set up a modest darkroom in the bathroom, got my old cameras up to scratch, starting buying those bits and pieces.... These days of course it's all digital.

In 2000, I bought and refurbished an old Olympus Trip 35 compact camera. Here's the story about it that I wrote for the International Tripographic Society.

I also bought my first digital camera in Nov 2000 - a Samsung DigiMax 800k.  It's a quite a cheap one for my first adventure into the digital realm.  Image size is 1024 x 768.  Contrast is good, colour rendering gets a bit funny sometimes, and the compression is a bit severe at times - especially on faces.  Considering I hate darkroom work, a digital camera is a nice change.  Also, the joy of just "deleting" bad shots is nice.  Check out this page for some of my starting photos (you'll notice I still like black and white)

In July 2002 I bought my second digital camera - an Olympus C2 Zoom.  It's a 2 Megapixel camera with 3x optical zoom.  So far I've only "played" with it and will put up some more detailed comments soon.  The maximum resolution is 1600 x 1200 with two modes - SHQ and HQ.  The SHQ mode gives 1.2MB files and the HQ mode gives 450kB files - but the difference in quality between the two is quite minor.  I also bought a 128MB Smartmedia card which gives me 266 HQ shots.

In 2005 I "acquired" a Canon 3Mpixel camera from my son.  It was a couple of years old, but the 10x zoom was incredible.

Of course these days, most of my pictures are taken with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3).

Here's some examples of my pictures (click on the pictures):


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