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Hi and welcome to the web pages of Greg, Cheryl, Jody, Sarah and Michael Smith in Western Australia.

This is a picture of us on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in January 2001. There are more pictures inside, so use the menu on the left or follow the links below and have a look!
New and Updated Pages

Photos from Michael and Elena's Wedding in Perth - Jan 2014

Check out Items for Sale for things we need new owners for.

Where am I? - some information about Greg's Location including recently logged places.

Revisited Bluff Knoll in November 2010 - WA Mountains page updated

There's nearly always something new to see in Recent Pictures.
Special Pages

Teresa Smith Eulogy - Remember my Mom. From Mom's funeral in March 2020.

Peter Smith Reflection - Remembering my Dad. Eulogy delivered by Chris Smith at Dad's funeral in May 2005.

Family Tree - Access to the family tree of over 100 people related to us (requires logon and password)

greg or cheryl or jody or sarah or michael

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