Telfer Images

Here's some random images from Telfer - some are "stolen" from other people (thanks!).  Random order really.

The plaque that commerates the opening of the original town. 
Telfer is no longer a town - it's a fly in fly out camp.  But you can read the history on Wikipedia.

Lightning Feb 2011

Lightning Feb 2011

Willy Willy

About 1km underground


Haulpack truck

SAG Transformer Lift

4WD Training

Xmas 2010

Xmas 2010

Xmas 2010

Desert Rain in the distance

Xmas 2010


Main Mess

The Galsh Bar (Wet Mess)

Outdoor Pub Area - (this photo on New Years Eve 2010 - live band playing)

The road to Telfer
(by stufossil)

View of the Powerstation

Road Train at Telfer - Being some 400kms from the port efficiency is important.
These road trains bring in diesel fuel and take out the copper/gold concentrate.

In July2012 we had some scrub fires in our borefields.  Lots of smoke very visible from the Village.
The benefits of a good firebreak are evident!

Telfer is primarily powered by 3 of these jet engine turbines.
This one had reached it's 50,000 hours and so goes back the factory for a rebuild.

Me and another Greg in July 2012 with the Mill building in the background.

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